POLITICAL: Listening to “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda” ℅ “Irish Pub Radio” on TUNNIN radio app

… some of the songs are absolutely great.

Puts me back in the Red Garter, Gerdie’s Folk City, or the other clubs in the 60’s Village.

Just listened to “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda”, I don’t think I ever heard that one before.

It reminded me of all the anti-war songs I heard in the Sixties. I was a fool in those days. It took a long time for me to understand.

“Blown In The Wind”. “Billy Don’t Be a Hero”. “Bring Them Home”. “Eve of Destruction”. “Give Peace a Chance”. “Blowin in the Wind”. “One Tin Soldier”. “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?”

I heard the words. I even understood the words. I sand the words.

I just didn’t “grok” the concept like I do now.

And, let’s not forget “Leaving on A Jet Plane” that at one time was Our Girl’s and my anthem.

It was funny peculiar to me then, I believed what I was told. Today it’s just sad.

Unfortunately, the anti-war Left is merely a guise for the Socialists to campaign on. (You can tell it’s a ploy because with “their party” in the White House, there are no anti-war demonstrations.)

One reason, I support Ron Paul is because he is the ONLY candidate that “gets it”.

Every boy and girl should be on something coming home. 

And, oh by the way, if you in the Third World mess with them or with us again, you’ll get more a lot more than what that country song promises — a boot up your ass. We’ll make your country a glass parking lot.

I’m an anti-war little L libertarian, but I’m not an isolationist or defenseless. The one valid function of Gooferment is defense. Defense; not offense. 

So why are we trying to be the world’s policeman?


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