FLASH: Sally Ride RIP

Sally Ride, America’s first woman in space died today at age 61. She succumbed to pancreatic cancer according to her office in San Diego. Here’s to wishing her a safe trip on her final journey.”

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MEMORIES: Insulin, insulin Rejection, and Diabetes — all factors in Our Girl’s life


Insulin – Too Much of This Is a Really Bad Thing!
by Margaret Durst
The Green House

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Insulin is the hormone that regulates blood sugar levels within the body. Diabetes is the most well known condition involving insulin; however, insulin resistance is a more common condition affecting 25 to 30 percent of all Americans. Insulin resistance is a precursor to type II diabetes.

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The “witch doctors” know that diabetes is “big trouble”. 

They think they know how to scale it — something crazy like “brutal”, juvenile, adult-onset, something very odd like “pre-diabetic”.

They can tell you all sorts of stuff about it — ml of glucose per cc of blood sample, factoids about blood chemistry, the role of stuff like insulin in the human body. After you get unconfused, you realize they have not clue#1 as to what’s important about it.

They “prescribe” exercise, lose weight, tight control, and various and sundry drugs. They will turn you over to a “registered dietician” who is nothing better than a shill for “conventional wisdom”.

(Our Girl was “sent” thrice to one over a span of 35 years. Of course, I was along for the ride. The pitch changed not a wit from visit to visit. It was flat out wrong for her. Follow their “diets”, her sugars were worse, she felt worse, and what she hated most was that she GAINED weight. Even the doctor admitted she should go back to what she was doing. Which was contra-intuitive, but even the doc admitted she’d “discovered” what worked for her.)

They will subtly communicate to you the fact that they have not clue#1 when they say things like: “Diabetics are always upside down”, “Lab results and diabetics don’t mix”, and my personal favorite “don’t worry, be happy, you’re going to have short life”. (Honest! Great Brother Jasper’s Ghost visit me tonight if that’s not what her first doctor, Doctor Ron, told her. He was spot on and she loved his blunt honesty.) 

So, thinking about this, because of the cited link, you must find your own way. Don’t depend on “authorities” or bureaucrats. It’s the old “doctor” is chicken who’s involved in your situation, but you’re the committed pig in the project of “making breakfast”. My thoughts and prayers are with all that suffer this terrible affliction.

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