POLITICAL: Too late for me to save Amerika


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I assume you’ve rsvp’d to this?

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From: Matt Hawes 
Date: June 30, 2012 15:09:38 CDT
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Subject: Ron Paul to Speak at LPAC


Dear Favorite Gooferment Worker,

It seems each summer flies by faster than the last.

So the 2012 Liberty Political Action Conference (LPAC), which takes place September 13-15 in Chantilly, Virginia, is quickly approaching!

I wanted to make you aware of two important updates regarding our Conference.

1.) I’m proud to announce that Congressman Ron Paul is confirmed to speak!

For over 30 years, Congressman Paul has stood up in defense of the Constitution and individual freedom, and his founding of C4L in 2008 ensured a continuing grassroots impact on the political landscape by liberty-minded activists.

Congressman Paul joins Senator Rand Paul, Senator Mike Lee, Joel Salatin, Jack Hunter, Mike Church, and many more as an LPAC 2012 speaker.  

2.) Our Early Bird rate, which discounts tickets to all three days of main stage activities to only $85 (and includes our grassroots training), was scheduled to expire July 1. 

But to help as many people as possible attend LPAC 2012, we’re extending the time to take advantage of this rate.

The Early Bird discount will now be available through July 8!

We won’t be able to stretch our deadline again.  So once this deal is gone, it’s gone!

Although we’ve extended our Early Bird rate, don’t wait until the last minute to save your spot.

LPAC 2012 is guaranteed to be an exciting, motivating, and encouraging weekend for all those desiring to reclaim the Republic and restore the Constitution.

And our grassroots training will equip you with the tools you need to turn your passion into effective action.

Visit www.LPAC.com to learn more about our Conference activities and reserve your ticket(s) today.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact us at lpac@campaignforliberty.com.

In Liberty,

Matt Hawes
Vice President

P.S.  I’m excited to announce that Congressman Ron Paul is confirmed to speak at LPAC 2012!

And I also wanted to let you know that our Early Bird rate on LPAC 2012 tickets, which includes access to all three days of main Conference activities and our grassroots training for just $85, has been extended until July 8.


Even though our deadline to obtain our Early Bird discount has been extended, don’t wait until the last minute to save your spot.

Visit www.LPAC.com to learn more about our Conference activities and reserve your ticket(s) today!

And be sure to contact us at lpac@campaignforliberty.com with any questions.

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Dear Favorite Gooferment Worker:

No. I was planning to take a week down at Casa Reinke and just “try to remember”.

(Yes, my life is governed by old songs, TV shows, and great quotes.)

Although it’s right nearby. It’ll just make me want to move to NH. Besides, I’m at the end of my journey. It’s too late for me to make or effect any meaningful change.

For better or worse, it’s up to you young people and the rest of “We, The Sheeple” to correct the mistakes of my and previous generations.

Sadly, “we” were not as smart as the Dead Old White Guys.

More sadly, neither is your generation.

I won’t be around to see the demise of the American Experiment (in self governance). But, maybe I have. It’ll goes back to Wilson creating the Federal Reserve System. The Republic was “Dead Man Walking” from that point on.

“to late, we get smart” Ferd 

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