HAPPINESS: Welcome to the world Miss Melanie Marie Halloran

Mozel Tov, to the proud parents. (Why does Dad get to be proud? Give the relative efforts! Mom should get the kudos.)

Note to self: time to update the “Book of Dates”.

Note to self: time to update the will.

(Hmm, is it like musical chairs? Do I pick the person who’s annoyed me the most and sub in? Or do I just have to work more?)


Births are my favorite of the happy events (i.e., births, weddings, engagement, lower number on the scale, obits of bad people).

We’ll now sing “If I was a rich man …” from Fiddler on the Roof.

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FUN: Had a “housewarming” party

Folks for work came over.

After action report:

* Folks were shy to start eating.

* Saji got the Karaoke machine working; no takers. (Guess not enough beer.)

* Everyone seemed to have a good time.

* My camera died again. 

* No breakage.

* Folks laughed at the contents of my freezer.

* Some expressed interest in my books

* Some one liked my green IKEA “desk” (really a board with two boxes in garish green)

* Folks toured and made polite noises (What were they going to say: “fool!”?)

* Dukie, the Realtor, thought the transformation was dramatic.

* Steve smoked a “see gar” on the porch; that smell will drive the skeeters from NOVA for a year!

Lessons Learned:

* Famous Daves — good; more meat, less beans, less beans.

* Less beer; Less soda; More wine. (Who knew!) 

* More notice; better directions; few more chairs.

* Bigger doggie bags.

* Wednesday after work seemed to please everyone to dodge the traffic


* Fun

* Folks telling me to save stuff for the next party

* Groan when I suggested it might be the wake.

* Folks said “now we know where you live …”

* Identified as an “overflow conference facility”

* Laughs about “Oscar and Felix”

* Folks want more get togethers.

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