RANT: Why pay lawyers? (if they are dumb!)

On Monday, June 18, 2012, WSJ.com Editors wrote:
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from The Wall Street Journal

A federal jury in Washington, D.C., found baseball great Roger Clemens not guilty of perjury and all other charges, rejecting prosecutors’ allegations that he lied about steroid use.

The verdict came after a two-month trial and a yearslong investigation that began when Mr. Clemens told Congress he never used performance-enhancing drugs.



Hard to imagine a bigger waste of time?

Will those Federal prosecutors get bonuses?

They should get fired!

With a note in their file, that they wasted the Taxpayers’ money! I can’t imagine a bigger negative.

I only heard the press reports and I didn’t believe ANY of them. (Who save old swabs and needles?)

Sorry, but they should all go for “stupidity”.

As a watcher of “Paper Chase”, lawyers are supposed to be smart and THINK!

John Edwards — guilty as sin — millions spent for naught.

Roger Clemens — maybe!

(Hey, if mark mcguire gets a pass?)

Fast ‘n’ Furious?


Flush the toilet!