TECHNOLOGY: Microgrids should be done without Gooferment “support”

Empower communities with microgrids
By KURT YEAGER | 7/22/10 4:12 AM EDT

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Cities like Austin, Texas, Naperville, Ill., and Leesburg, Fla., already own and operate microgrid-like electricity systems that provide better reliability, and system improvements are due to allow residents to manage their consumption, increase efficiency and lower overall costs. Meanwhile, privately developed microgrid distribution systems are up and running in places like the Illinois Institute of Technology and military bases, including Fort Bragg in North Carolina, where state regulatory barriers do not exist. Smart microgrids can generate, distribute and regulate the flow of electricity to serve the needs of specific consumers. Operating on the local scale, they can help make electricity distribution more efficient and reliable. They are designed to hit specific local goals — like carbon reduction, diversifying energy sources or cost reduction — set by the community, business or military base being served.

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Putting the Gooferment in charge of anything is stupid.

Especially technology and the investment in tech.

If it makes sense, the world will readily adopt it. If it doesn’t, no amount of subsidization will make a difference.

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