HARDWARE: APPLE TIME CAPSULE died. But that’s not the whole story


One of the reasons for moving from Windoze to Apple as opposed to Linux was the Time Capsule.

It worked fine, until it died.

(Restoring files was balky at times, but any time I really had to do it, I was able to get it off. The User Interface for partial or complete restores could be easier imho.)

One day, I just was dead. No power. Plugged it into a different outlet. Flickered but died.

When I went on the web, it said “OOW! Sorry. You lose!!! Should have bought AppleCare on it.” Which really put my shorts in a knot. Pay a couple of hundred bucks for a 500$ item. Typical “extended warranty rip off.

I got around to taking my now deceased and out-of-warranty TIME BRICK back to the Apple Store. And, played dumb.

The Genius plug it in and it flickered and died. Another Genius was called over to consult. Replugged it in and same thing. Another Genius came over looked at the bottom of it and called a team huddle in a corner away from me and I couldn’t hear or read lips.

Genius One went to the docked macbook and began wildly typing. Then he announced “bad power supply, we’ll replace it but you’ve lost all the data. OK?”

Sure, it was just my backup device.

Another Genius, number FOUR if you’re keeping score, came over an typed in their machine and paper began to spit out of their printer.

I signed off on the paper. They took the BRICK. And said they’d call in three days for me to pcik up my brand new unit.

A duccessful jaunt, but I’m still annoyed.

What if I believd the website and tossed the unit in the trash?


This is “barbara streisand” that you have to be a mind reader and guess what’s been recalled.


I’d call that an “unfair deceptive practice”.

SO, if ANY Apple product dies, I’d drag the dead smelly carcass into an Apple Store. And moan and groan until you got something for your trouble.

I’d even go one step further. I wouldn’t be adverse to visiting ALL the Apple stores within driving distance dragging the dead body into the store.

Sooner or later, you might run into someone who’d have pity on you.


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Apple announces replacement program for some 2008 Time Capsules

Posted on Jul 12, 2010 8:30 am by Serenity Caldwell, Macworld.com

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