LIBERTY: Gooferment should get out of the “marriage” business

Judge declares US gay-marriage ban is unconstitutional
July 8, 2010 06:55 PM
By Michael Levenson, Globe Staff

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A federal district court judge in Boston today struck down the 1996 federal law that defines marriage as a union exclusively between a man and a woman. Judge Joseph L. Tauro ruled that the federal Defense of Marriage law violates the Constitutional right of married same-sex couples to equal protection under the law and upends the federal government’s long history of allowing states to set their own marriage laws.

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Today, a Justice Department spokeswoman, Tracy Schmaler, declined to comment on Tauro’s ruling, saying in a statement, “We’re reviewing the decision.”

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Interesting how the Obama administration is “studying” this one. Studying how it can let it stand. Since it aligns with their identity politics. Isn’t Kagan the Solicitor General? Doesn’t she have to appeal that. Talk about a conflict!

As a little L libertarian, it’s always been my assertion that the Gooferment has no business in the definition of “marriage”. Churches do marriage; not Gooferment. Remember the purposes of “marriage licenses” was, in the South, to keep black men from marrying white women.

The tax code confers benefits to “marriages” that are inexcusable. The Gooferment already has “corporations”. That it favors with tax breaks and stuff. Perhaps it can just extend “corporate status” to individuals. Like a subschapter S.

Or me could just remove the tax favored status of marriage and simplify the tax code.

See, bottom line, it’s really the right of the people to be left alone and to make their choices without the Gooferment trying to influence those choices by picking winners and losers. Or, the things it “likes” better than other things. Gooferment fails at everything; so why is this any different.

It’s always about force. In this case, forcing people to do what the people in chage of the levers of Gooferment want them to do.

A recipe for disaster.

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