POLITICAL: The Police need an “enhancement”


California transit cop verdict sparks looting
By Steve Gorman and Peter Henderson
  LOS ANGELES/OAKLAND | Fri Jul 9, 2010 4:52am EDT

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LOS ANGELES/OAKLAND California (Reuters) – A white former transit police officer was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in a videotaped shooting death of an unarmed black man last year in Oakland, California, sparking a wave of looting and destruction in the city on Thursday.

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Jurors can render an involuntary manslaughter conviction if they believe the defendant lacked an intent to kill but engaged in conduct so grossly negligent that it amounts to a crime.

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Obviously, California juries are “interesting”. They may have gotten this one right. But shouldn’t there be an “enhancement” for police who are supposed to be “professional”. And the video akes this look like an execution.

The looting is probably opportunists rather than upset citizens.

Makes one wonder what’s going to happen in the next “Greatest Depression” which is right around the corner. When folks are really hungry, scared, and pissed off?

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