JOBSEARCH: Gather all your contacts on GMAIL

The Complete Guide to Creating a Consolidated, Master Contact List

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The most important part of the process is to pick an easy contact management solution that will incorporate information easily while still being able to export to a variety of formats (Outlook and others) and sync to your smartphone.

Google Contacts fits the bill nicely in a variety of ways. It supports CSV (comma-separated value) files from other Google accounts and Outlook. (CSV is a common export format, but the fields vary slightly between Google-exported CSVs and Outlook-exported CSVs; Google Contacts can handle either); it can also import the vCard format, which is supported by Apple Address Book.

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Plaxo has size limits and its “clients” cause problems.

Cardscan is now limited to those who buy their card scanner.

Google’s Contacts does NOT do periodic verification with contacts, consolidate the results, and replicate updates out. And it has quotas!

Outlook and Apple Mail have “address book” functions that are limited.

LinkedIn locks you in.

Too many dead ends and islands of data.


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