INTERESTING: Goldman sachs AKA the “New York Generals”

First They Came for the Criminal Investment Bankers…
Tim Cavanaugh | April 18, 2010

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The Securities and Exchange Commission’s civil action against Goldman Sachs is a certified crowd-pleaser, and based on two iron principles — that you never argue with the audience’s taste and that everybody who has ever worked for Goldman Sachs needs to be executed without trial — it’s probably not something we should be disputing too heavily.

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Why do I feel this is kabuki?

Is Goldman Sachs now playing the role of the New York Generals? Or the Boston Shamrocks, New Jersey Reds, Baltimore Rockets, or Atlantic City Seagulls. Or any one of another patsies? Playing to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Harlem Globetrotters!

We KNOW that Goldman Sachs is wired to the administration through little tax-cheat Timmy G.

We KNOW that Goldman Sachs has been “fronting” for the FED to allow them to appear to sell Treasury securities while buying them back the next day. Thus they are monetizing the debt. This is exactly what the Chinese fear. It’s hiding inflation.

We KNOW that Goldman Sachs has been manipulating the commodities markets. Specifically, the gold and silver markets. This could only happen with the CFTC and European participation.

So now you want me to believe that the SEC is going to take Goldman Sachs to the woodshed on trading losers to others knowing that the residential market was going to fall out of bed.

Please don’t make me laff!


Corruption abounds.

Sorry, but I think this is “regulatory theater”! “Made-off” gave the SEC a black eye. And, Dodd’s “reregulation bill” is being laughed at. So some kabuki is in order to fool the Sheeple into believing in big gooferment again. So let’s trot out our captive resident Freddie Kruger and have the valiant SEC bureaucrats do battle to slay this dragon.

Goldman Sachs will probably plead out and be fined. And, the SEC will probably allow them to pay the fine with Confederate States of America Banknotes.


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April 16th, 2010 at 7:48 pm
Earthquake in Tibet – Amazing Photo Gallery

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A girl reads a book outside her makeshift tent amid the rubble of a quake-demolished building

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It’s hard not to be moved seeing these pics.

Could it happen here?

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NEWJERSEY: Skrul Vote (Yeah, I know why bother!)

What: April 20th School Board Elections

When: 04/20/10, 07:00 AM-9:00 PM

Where: Your local polling place.

Details: Please make sure you go out and vote today for Board of Education members and budgets.

Now more than ever your vote is necessary as we face cuts state wide.

Please also make sure to tell and remind everyone you know in New Jersey

(Check with your local polling place to voting hour, they are not the same as in the general election)

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At the very least, go vote AGAINST the budget!

Yes, I know it doesn’t matter because the vote will be over ruled by some bureaucrat somewhere.

But, keep sending a message: “Over taxed”, “Mad As Hell”, and “We need a paradigm and meme shift”!

OK, the last one is geeky but we do.

The paradigm of “public education” as something that is “good”, “unifying”, or even “needed” needs to change. Other than ads by the teacher’s union, no one would defend that “public education” is effective or efficient. Look at our world ranking for effective and look at the costs for efficient. Time for a paradigm shift.

The mene of “public education” needs to be updated. Even if you believe in fairy tales like jumbo shrimp, the Tooth Fairy, and honest politicians, we must understand that “public education” currently means “taxpayer-funded gooferment-run indoctrination”. We need to parse each part of this meme and examine if it’s rational.

  • Taxpayer-funded? Shouldn’t parents pay for their children’s education. If for no other reason than “he who has the gold makes the rules”.
  • Gooferment-run is asking for a disaster. No one can name one gooferment program that works. If you can find one that does happen to meet its objectives (and, I think that’s like an imaginary number), how much does it cost.
  • Indoctrination is obvious. How can we let the gooferment train future voters. Mann and Dewey brought in the Prussian education model to make cannon fodder for the Army and factory workers that could be led by the elite. (Where does Obama send his children to be educated? All but one President has done the same. Coincidence? Not!)

SO please go vote against the budget, we’re on the wrong path and it’s the only way to register a protest.

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MONEY: Accidental Foreclosures?

How To Handle Accidental Foreclosures
by Michael

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Foreclosure With millions of foreclosures reported in 2009, the possibility of a bank foreclosing on the wrong house becomes more and more likely. Every year, hundreds of homes are targeted for accidental repossession by banks and the result can mean embarrassment, property damage and lost possessions for the rightful owners.

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Wow, never thought of this. It’s logical. With all sorts of papers flying about, clerical errors are bound to occur.

But, I would NOT call them “accidental”. They were deliberate.

Fraudulent, maybe.

I’d probably try to make an initialism that worked with:

Foreclosure Under C…. K….

No, what starts with a C and a K?

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