POLITICAL: Bart Stupak “Retire” before he is “retired” at the polls?


Bart Stupak May Retire From Congress After Massive Abortion-Health Care Battle
by Steven Ertelt LifeNews.com Editor
April 7, 2010

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Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) — Congressman Bart Stupak, the formerly respected pro-life Democratic leader from Michigan, is reportedly considering retiring from Congress. Stupak is said to be so exhausted, along with his family, from the bruising repercussions of the abortion and health care debate he may consider quitting.

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Couldn’t be because he led his constituents down the garden path about what he believed. And, now, the voters seek to hold him accountable. Pro-lifers got screwed; now, it’s their turn.

One reason is to always stay true to your principles in hard times; you can’t regain credibility when you trade your vote for some money.

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Lapses hinder rescue teams hunting for lost planes
Apr 3, 5:14 PM (ET)

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The 78-year-old Ohio businessman freed himself from the wreckage and, though badly injured, activated an emergency signal. For nearly six hours, the letters “EMRG” flashed on radar scopes at a Federal Aviation Administration facility near Atlanta, giving air traffic controllers a general idea of Smiley’s location.

Yet it was full two days before rescuers arrived. Smiley was dead. He had scrawled a last note to his wife on an envelope.

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It’s not just a “lapse”. It’s a complete failure!

So who lost their jobs over this death? Reprimands? Transfers? Unpaid days off?


Unfortunately, the “service” provided by the gooferment was … … unsatisfactory.

Maybe we should have OnStar run the function?

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