RANT: Gore gets to limit his press coverage?


Gore gets camera-shy for N.C. speech, limits media
Posted: March 30
Updated: 7:16 p.m. yesterday

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“A Gore aide said Tuesday that media members will only be allowed to record video and audio of the first five minutes of Gore’s talk at Duke University on April 8. Photography will also be limited. Gore spokeswoman Kalee Kreider said the restrictions are standard for his talks but she wouldn’t say why they are in place.”

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Guess when he gets really loony about the whole “global warming thing” he doesn’t want any refutation in the blogs.

That’s what passes for journalism these days. The lame street media doesn’t do anything but pass along the “barbara streisand” they get handed. Hard hitting journalism is reserved for when the “wrong team” is in the White House. Or the conservatives rally. Even then it gets made up like the spitting and name calling incidents.

No one claimed the money for video of it; guess it doesn’t exist. If it’s not videoed, it never happened. One of the congresscritters’ staff had a running vido as they took the historic walk. Wonder what that raw footage showed?

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UPDATE: TECHNOLOGY iPad; I’m watching. Reported wifi issues. A killer!


The 10 most surprising things about the iPad
Ben Patterson is a technology writer for Yahoo! News.

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The UPS guy handed me my new iPad just a few hours ago, and yes—the jumbo-sized screen is as glorious as they say, and I was shocked by how good HD videos looked. But I was also surprised by how heavy the iPad feels, and if you were hoping to read e-books all day under the clear, bright blue sky, well…bad news, folks. These and more iPad surprises, coming right up.

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I’d like one. The WifI seems most practical. The big memory one is $699.

To be kool?

I don’t think so. If the MacBookAir is any example of Apple doing tech, the iPad will be “good”. Good; not great. Followed soon on by improvements and a price drop. Like a cliff.

When it was a status thing, McBa was 5k$. Soon, it was 1.5k$!

I’d like to play with a cheap iPad. With a phone and a camera.

Does it have a USB for my vwbbie (Verizon wireless broadband dongle)?

Remember that it is “closed” both hardware, software, and to a certain extent in data as well. That’s not “good”!

And, the McBa will burn your leg; it gets so hot when recharging. Haven’t heard anything about the iPad and recharging temperature. Yet?

Waiting for cheaper, better, and faster! And, more “open”!!!

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My understanding of Wifi issues on devices, particularly cramped devices like the Macbook Air and iPad, is that it’s usually a hardware/design issue and something that can’t be fixed via a software patch. I hope that’s not the case with the iPad, because faulty Wifi would make this a very unattractive device. Particularly if they run into Macbook Air type problems.

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Ouch! That hurts. Since I’d only want the WiFi. Can’t afford another monthly inet bill!

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POLITICAL: Politics in two dimensions


Saw an interesting “vote” on a Web site. Unfortunately, it reinforces the right – left duopoly.

201003271232.jpg 201003271235.jpg

As we learn from the Nolan chart it’s not a one dimensional problem.


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ibertarian: supports the smallest possible government, supports individual liberty in all ways, prefers to only defend our borders and not interfere in other countries’ affairs.

conservative: tends to give a nod and a wink to liberty while placing emphasis on government control of “family” issues (gay marriage, abortion, borders, etc.) while pushing for major military involvement worldwide by America, in the hopes of creating a faith-based, “conservative” world.

liberal: tends to give a nod and a wink to liberty while placing emphasis on government control of “social issues” (social safety net, minority rights, etc.) while pushing for major diplomatic involvement worldwide by America backed by somewhat lesser military involvement, in the hopes of creating an inclusive, “liberal” world.

statist: the marriage of liberal and conservative aspects of big government. Supports both the conservative “family” agenda and the liberal “social” agenda. Supports both major diplomatic and military involvement abroad.

centrist: somewhere in the middle of all of the above.

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So to be meaningful, the dimensions are socially and fiscally with individual liberty and government control.

The website SHOULD have “control” between to polar opposites “The Individual” and “The State”!

Liberal and Conservative are meaningless.

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