UPDATE: TECHNOLOGY iPad; I’m watching. Reported wifi issues. A killer!


The 10 most surprising things about the iPad
Ben Patterson is a technology writer for Yahoo! News.

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The UPS guy handed me my new iPad just a few hours ago, and yes—the jumbo-sized screen is as glorious as they say, and I was shocked by how good HD videos looked. But I was also surprised by how heavy the iPad feels, and if you were hoping to read e-books all day under the clear, bright blue sky, well…bad news, folks. These and more iPad surprises, coming right up.

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I’d like one. The WifI seems most practical. The big memory one is $699.

To be kool?

I don’t think so. If the MacBookAir is any example of Apple doing tech, the iPad will be “good”. Good; not great. Followed soon on by improvements and a price drop. Like a cliff.

When it was a status thing, McBa was 5k$. Soon, it was 1.5k$!

I’d like to play with a cheap iPad. With a phone and a camera.

Does it have a USB for my vwbbie (Verizon wireless broadband dongle)?

Remember that it is “closed” both hardware, software, and to a certain extent in data as well. That’s not “good”!

And, the McBa will burn your leg; it gets so hot when recharging. Haven’t heard anything about the iPad and recharging temperature. Yet?

Waiting for cheaper, better, and faster! And, more “open”!!!

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My understanding of Wifi issues on devices, particularly cramped devices like the Macbook Air and iPad, is that it’s usually a hardware/design issue and something that can’t be fixed via a software patch. I hope that’s not the case with the iPad, because faulty Wifi would make this a very unattractive device. Particularly if they run into Macbook Air type problems.

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Ouch! That hurts. Since I’d only want the WiFi. Can’t afford another monthly inet bill!

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One Response to UPDATE: TECHNOLOGY iPad; I’m watching. Reported wifi issues. A killer!

  1. BayouMan says:

    The iPad starts out at $500 less than critics expected it to and already people want a price drop. Go figure. Let’s look at what constant bottom basement prices have done….to Dell. Their stock is languishing at $15 per share and they haven’t had a hit piece of hardware in nearly three years. Contrast that to Apple, with it’s simple, ease of use devices that have acceptable features, push new paradigms, and offer stylistic and efficient devices. Anybody checked out how Apple is doing financially running such a “closed system?”

    1. Number 3 market cap company in the US
    2. $40 billion in cash in the bank
    3. Stock at $232 per share

    See what Dell did was become the Yugo of the computer world. And as we all figured out, it stood for YUGO $Krew yourself right out of the market.

    Apple offers a solution to customers. The iPad is a choice. It’s not for everybody, and I’m prety sure it’s not for the last poster. He or she should wait for something else.

    Like a Yugo.

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