RANT: Prayers for Ms. Bullock


EXCLUSIVE: Sandra Bullock Has Filed for Divorce

Wednesday April 28, 2010 07:00 AM EDT

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I give not a rat’s tush for Hollywood, its marriages, or its politics.

After Rosie (Queeeen of Nice when she needed us) O’D, I don’t believe any celebrity’s public persona.

I enjoyed Bullock’s movies. Even the bad ones. They were mostly clean and mostly funny.

She conducted her personal life in a dignified and quiet manner.

For her to be ignored by the Hollywood elite for an Oscar somewhat endeared her to me. (The enemy of my enemy is my friend.)

When what’s his face appeared on the Apprentice (Hey Season One was good!) I had no idea who he was and, when I found out, I said “everyone gets to choose their mate”.

When she spoke highly and lovingly of him at the Oscar win, I was impressed.

Then this trash came out.

I felt sorry for her. They say Reagan became the heros that he portrayed in the movies. I wish the same to her. She always (for the most part) played “happy”. I wish her “happiness”.

While she (unlike the rest of us) probably never has to worry about money again, I hope she’s able to overcome the betrayal by this slimy fellow (I’d say that about any man who cheats on his wife. No matter how good he is at golf. We should shun them all. They are untrustworthy and, to me, completely despicable.)

I’ll say a silent prayer for her to rebound. And, unlike Jane Fonda, (an old vet never forgets), I look forward to her next movie.

I hope she rebounds. I hope she uses her platform to cry foul eventually, call on me to grow up, and sneer at all this “sex rehab” stuff.

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