RANT: The Cutomer is King

PGP doesn’t think so. Maybe they don’t care. Maybe they get the big enterprises to drop big bux on them.

Try and buy “PGP HOME” and paste and cut your email in to the retype email field. (Or use a keyboard macro expansion!). Can’t do it.

So, I guess I don’t need “PGP HOME”.

One lost sale. Think PGP cares? I don’t

And, lest you think it’s just PGP, look at how many times you have to put your ZIPCODE in AND your state as well. Think there might be a relation between the two? And, STATE is the only pick from a list field, when everything is text input. Can’t edit STATE for valid values.


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RANT: No 2010 Pulitzer for The Enquirer?


2010 Pulitzer Prize winners and finalists
By The Associated Press The Associated Press – Mon Apr 12, 3:31 pm ET

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The 2010 Pulitzer Prize winners and finalists, with comments from the Pulitzer board:

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• Investigative reporting: Barbara Laker and Wendy Ruderman of the Philadelphia Daily News for reporting that exposed a rogue police narcotics squad, resulting in an FBI probe and the review of hundreds of criminal cases tainted by the scandal; and Sheri Fink of ProPublica, in collaboration with The New York Times Magazine, for a story that chronicled the decisions made by one hospital’s exhausted doctors when they were cut off by the floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina (moved by the board from the feature writing category). Finalists: Michael Moss and members of The New York Times staff for reporting on contaminated hamburger and other food safety issues that spotlighted defects in federal regulation and led to improved practices (moved by the board to the explanatory reporting category); Michael Braga, Chris Davis and Matthew Doig of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune for their reporting and computer analysis that unraveled $10 billion in suspicious Florida real estate transactions, triggering local and state efforts to curb abuses.

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What happened to the John Edwards story? The Enquirer chased it when no one else did. That’s worthy imho!

The Pulitzer people are pulling our collective leg.

No Acorn mention either.

Just all the dead old media. No wonder they are all going broke.

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