POLITICAL: Schumer should … …

LUDDITE: Excellent Assessment from a USA Today Reader! – Nailed it.


If everyone’s so upset, I’d suggest:

(1) Excessive carry on is dangerous in an emergency. TSA should be enforcing limits on that. Less to screen at the gate.

(2) Airlines should be charging fees for excessive carry ons, and not for baggage.

That’s imho the only thing that the FAA should be directing.

And, Schumer should just sit down and shut up. imho!

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QUOTE: Bubble? What Bubble? Barney Frank (D-MA) 6/2005


“We have, I think, an excessive degree of concern right now about home ownership and its role in the economy… those who argue that housing prices are now at the point of a bubble seem to me to be missing a very important point… This is not the dot-com situation… you’re not going to see the collapse that you see when people talk about a bubble.” Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), June 2005.

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Right before the housing bubble popped in 2006!

Thanks, Taxachusetts for electing such a perceptive leader. Think you might find someone else?

How about we pick the next Lottery winner? Or someone from the jury duty pool. Do you have a village idiot? Even they’d be better.

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POLITICAL: Some folks give up; nice to have that option


More Americans Give Up Citizenship As IRS Gets Aggressive Overseas

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In order to give up U.S. citizenship, a person must obtain or have citizenship in another country. The person surrenders their passport or green card during an interview with a consular officer in their new home country. He or she must also submit a form, including a list of assets, to the IRS to complete the process.

Chris Kavanagh of the American Institute in Taiwan, which represents U.S. interests in Taiwan, said 43 people gave up their U.S. citizenship in Taiwan in 2009, the highest that figure has been since 2003. He cautioned against drawing conclusions from that data, however.

The IRS says some of the swelling of numbers of expatriations towards the end of 2009 occurred because the agency made a push to notify people that had already surrendered their passport, but had not completed the process by submitting the IRS form. Until that form is received by the IRS, these people are still subject to U.S. tax. “There is some catch-up going on,” said IRS spokesman Bruce Friedland.

*** end quote ***

Wow, things are really going bad.

Now we are exporting rich people. And, importing poor ones.

This can’t be good for the economy.

When does the tyrant close the borders? Camps next? And, the sheeple keep getting shorn!

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RANT: OBH44 “amused”?


Obama Claims to Be “Amused” by Tea Party Rallies; Thinks Protesters Should “Thank” Him

posted at 11:38 am on April 16, 2010 by Howard Portnoy

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Wow, of all the egotistical self-centered dismissive sobs.

OBH44 is like Marie Antoinette!

“Let them eat cake!”


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