POLITICAL: Energy independence and the debt!


8 Very Public False Starts for US Energy Independence

By Rocky Vega

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* In 1974 with 36.1% of oil from foreign sources, President Richard Nixon said

* In 1975 with 36.1% of oil from foreign sources, President Gerald Ford said

* In 1979 with 40.5% of oil from foreign sources, President Jimmy Carter said

* In 1981 with 43.6% of oil from foreign sources, President Ronald Reagan said

* In 1992 with 47.2% of oil from foreign sources, President George Bush said

* In 1995 with 49.8% of oil from foreign sources, President Bill Clinton said

* In 2006 with 65.5% of oil from foreign sources, President George W. Bush said

* In 2009 with 66.2% of oil from foreign sources, President Barack Obama said

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Who cares what they said!

Look at results.

The power to tax is the power to destroy.

Tariffs are constitutional.

How about a 5% import duty on all “foreign” energy?

That 5% is used to reduce the national debt.

And, at the same time. tie the congress critters salary to the deficit in the prior year. Salary zero if there is any!

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TECHNOLOGY: Security has to be a core value; not an after thought


Keeping Data Safe From IT Snoops
Mike Schaffner, 04.21.10, 06:00 AM EDT
How to improve data security and privacy.

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If possible, add a formal security role. This job isn’t just about limiting access and changing passwords. It involves looking at all of the processes from the user side as well as within IT. It is important that this role audit compliance and educate users and IT alike about security issues.

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With all due respect to Forbes and the author, this is indicative of reactive and “after the fact” thinking.

“If possible”?


Either Information Security, and it’s natural sidekick Business Recovery, are core functions of your infrastructure or they aren’t. If they are, then they are essential components of your Strategic Requirements with resources to accomplish their mission. If not, then this is lipstick on the proverbial pig.

You don’t say: “If possible, we should have a CFO.”!

Customers, Employees, Suppliers, and everyone are quick to pick up the implications of your deeds. Words don’t matter; actions do! Spot one of these “bolt on” “paper over” tactical cover overs and you should be looking for your replacement. Get away before they take you down with them.

What are your requirements? Else your next credit card statement may be delivered to Lagos Nigeria. There’s no substitute for “doing it right”. After the fact can never be right.

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