INTERESTING: Scrabble doesn’t need new rules

Scrabble’s makers to allow proper nouns
By Stephen Adams
Published: 7:00AM BST 06 Apr 2010

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The games company said it would be introducing the rule change – the first in the game’s 62 year history – to “enable younger players” to get involved.

This could cause a power shift between the generations, with those possessing a keen knowledge of the top 40 singles’ chart legitimately able to cite such high-scoring examples as singers N-Dubz (17 points) and Jay-Z (23 points).

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“There is no dictionary for proper nouns as such so provided the word played is an accepted spelling, rather than just a cheeky one made up by the player it would be acceptable,” she said.

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Argh! Is this change for the sake of change.

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