GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Where Is Christopher Mauriello?

Where Is Christopher Mauriello?
6:34PM | March 24, 2010
A Father’s Son is Spirited Out of the Country by his Ex-Wife and Disappears.

*** begin quote ***

Someone is missing from the Mauriello table tonight.

14 year old Christopher Mauriello is in Bosnia with his mother.

He was supposed to have returned home from Christmas vacation on January 3rd. But Christopher and his mother had other plans.

His father, Thomas Mauriello, who has physical custody of Christopher was at the end of his rope when he called Help Me Howard.

As he told Howard: “My reaction was one of shock! It was unimaginable that she could do something like this!”

Tom is the Vice President for college advancement at Manhattan College. His ex-wife Tara Bray Afanasiev works for the United Nations Development Programme, also known as UNDP.

Tom was awarded physical custody of Christopher back in 2006, but he and Tara had a legal agreement that allowed her to take Christopher overseas for holidays and summer vacations.

*** and ***

Tom immediately called his attorney, police issued an arrest warrant and Tom called Tara’s employers at the United Nations Development Fund.

According to Tom, the United Nations told him that “it was a personal matter and they didn’t get involved in these sorts of things.”

*** and ***

Howard reached out to the UNDP that employs Tara and they had this to say:

   “We are aware of this particular case involving a staff member, Ms. Tara Bray, who is currently on leave without pay. It is a personal issue between Ms. Bray and her former husband regarding the custody of their child. We very much hope this case is resolved in the best interest of the child. According to our staff rules, all UNDP staff member have an obligation to abide by their private legal obligations. UNDP has reminded Ms. Bray of that requirement. UNDP has been in touch with the US authorities to ensure that they are fully appraised of the steps we have taken in this matter.”

*** end quote ***

So much for the “Rule of Law”!

Children are so easily manipulated.

And, why do we still have the UN? It’s a corrupt useless organization that costs us a fortune.


Perhaps, if everyone gets on their congresscritter, we can get Christopher home and out of the UN?

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2 Responses to GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Where Is Christopher Mauriello?

  1. reinkefj says:

    Be nice if there was a press report to cite.

  2. FM says:

    Tonight they are reunited

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