POLITICAL: Despise Health Insurance Companies? Just wait!


Simple Indeed, or The Audacity of Cluelessness
Submitted by Brandon Berg on Tue, 2008-12-23 21:52

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The International Herald Tribune showcases the astonishing cluelessness of people who are presumably among the best and brightest of Obama’s supporters:

   When a dozen consumers gathered over the weekend to discuss health care at the behest of President-elect Barack Obama, they quickly agreed on one point: they despise health insurance companies.

   They also agreed that health care was a right; that insurance should cover “everything,” not just some services; and that coverage should be readily available from the government, as well as from employers.

   “We have to keep the momentum going,” said Hijane, 34, who was a volunteer in the Obama campaign and is active in women’s health advocacy. “We are not lobbyists. We are simple citizens.”

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Get ready for national health care. Delays, Higher Costs, Rationing, and … … yes, sadly, deaths.

That’s what happens when the Socialists take over.


Need a new category … STUPIDITY!

Anyone want to start an insurance company? No. Me neither!

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One Response to POLITICAL: Despise Health Insurance Companies? Just wait!

  1. nperry08 says:

    Everyone should have health insurance that covers everything?

    Medicare currently covers about 80% of health care expenses for citizens over 65. Not 100%, and there are some serious hoops to jump through when you have to deal with prescription drugs and whatnot.

    The current Medicare debt is about $62 TRILLION.

    By 2075 (when many of the folks currently pushing for comprehensive national health insurance), if current trends continue, Medicare alone will consume over 90% of federal income tax revenue.

    And, just for kicks, ask a senior citizen if they’re happy with just Medicare, or if they feel like they need to go out into the private sector to get extra coverage.

    This sort of health insurance would be fantastic — if it worked. But, the reality is, the current federal health insurance system is MUCH less comprehensive than this proposal, and it’s on track to go completely broke before long.


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