SERVICE: GOOGLE NOTEBOOK takedown is symptomatic of cloud computing

Where to Go When Google Notebook Goes Down

By Kevin Purdy, 8:10 AM on Thu Jan 15 2009, 9,709 views

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Google’s Notebook webapp was tightly integrated with other Google apps, had a killer Firefox extension, and was great at getting things done. “Was,” though, because Google is ending support. Here’s where heartsick users should turn.

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OK, here’s why you can’t trust “free” software, “beta” software, or “the cloud”.

Next time you’re going to bet your data on one of these, think “what will I do when?”.

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One Response to SERVICE: GOOGLE NOTEBOOK takedown is symptomatic of cloud computing

  1. A-freaking-men! This controversy has really been going on far longer than Google has been around, the AOL walled palace caused a furor of debate back in the 90s and people in the industry were swearing up and down that NC’s (networked computing, ie today’s ‘Cloud computing’) was the future.

    Its a great idea, but you have to know that when things go down (not if) you need to have someone that has a machine with actual applications and actual capability to reboot/rebuild the cloud.

    So, whilst cloud computing may become a logical percentage of computer use, ala the netbook and iphone crowd, its important to know that at the end of the day, when google is down, you can still do your business on your own fully enabled and app loaded workstation.

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