RANT: Income Tax and Taxes as theft!


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Kicking off from there, "Freedom to Fascism" deals primarily with the basic question of the tax education movement — who owes the income tax, and why won't the IRS show us the law that requires an average wage-earner living in one of the 50 states to file and pay a tax on his wages?

Of course we do have to file and pay, in the sense that armed government goons will seize our houses and cars and paychecks if we don't.

But that's no different from saying you "have to" give your wallet to an armed thug who's threatening you in a parking garage. The question is why judges refuse to allow any detailed reading and discussion of the actual written statutes and relevant Supreme Court rulings in their courtrooms — witness the recent federal trial of Irwin Schiff here in Las Vegas.

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Do I detect a trend here? Are real people, little peopel, beginning to show signs of becoming fed up with taxation. Time for a tea party? 

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