Fauci’s Fiasco Betrays Phake Pharma and Phrauds to Come

Our Pharmaceutical-medical monopoly must keep the origin of disease muddled. They have withheld effective prevention and safe healing practices for at least 100 years to maintain their stratospheric wealth and key position in a dark global agenda.

Source: Fauci’s Fiasco Betrays Phake Pharma and Phrauds to Come

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Wonder why the AMA, FDA and CDC warned against ivermectin and HCQ treatments for covid 19, or their dismissal of Vitamin D, Vitamin C infusions, hyperbaric oxygen, and even NAC, H2O2, and mineral supplements? It’s their pattern of deception going back generationsIt is because they know these inexpensive substances actually work to treat and prevent. Doctors are not completely to blame, being steeped in “The Science” at pharmaceutically phunded colleges. Patients are not completely to blame either, since accurate prevention information was and is hidden by the system.

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Follow the money.  Think about Nuremberg-like trials of all these thieves and murderers.


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