NEWJERSEY: Leftist “soft on crime” policies come home to roost

Ortley Beach & North Beaches
Toms River Police Recount Violence, Shocking Disrespect From Teens During Holiday Incidents
by Daniel Nee July 8, 2022

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Toms River police released details of two incidents over the recent Independence Day holiday period that recounted a violent mob scene playing out in Ortley Beach, with hundreds of teenagers – many intoxicated – openly taunting police officers and, at times, resorting to violence.

Over the past year, state policies on police interactions with juveniles have come under the microscope, with concerns raised over directives which bar officers from speaking with, arresting or notifying parents about illegal activities in certain circumstances. Under social justice legislation adopted over the past two years, officers could be charged with civil rights offenses if they violate the policies. The recent incidents in Ortley Beach strongly indicate that teens have caught on, challenging officers and ultimately throwing rocks at them.

Most teens in the area for the holiday weekend were “frequenting local businesses and engaging in lawful activities,” said police spokeswoman Jillian Messina, but two incidents – recounted below by police in a statement issued Friday – generated a significant police response.

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This is the complete breakdown of society.

All caused by that “trophy for everyone” mentality and “juveniles aren’t responsible for their actions”!

Time to lower the boom on the miscreants.


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