INSPIRATIONAL: Think of “Big Pizza” hanging up the phones … …

The Landscape
March 7, 2021 10:00am by Bob Lefsetz

*** begin quote ***


Go nowhere today. They’re forgotten. And oftentimes there’s not even anyone to complain to, try tweeting Apple, it cannot be done! Your goal is to improve your own little life. You need to seek out your own answers. Google is your friend. When you don’t know something, immediately go to Google, don’t ask the purveyor, you just look dumb, they put in the effort, why can’t you? Same deal with tech help. Figure it out yourself, once again Google is your friend. This is a huge sea change between the past and the present and future, between the young and the old. If you need to call someone to fix your problem, forget it, you’re already history. If you’re complaining your product didn’t last, you’re forgetting that if it was available at all, in the past it was ten times the price and it doesn’t pay to repair it.

*** end quote ***

I think this bit of realization is earth-shaking.

When I reflect on my efforts this week, I recognize this wisdom in my interactions:

  • Trying to get a vax appointment for an 81 year old with health problems is a giant waste of time.  And, the frustration of hearing that a healthy 21 year old girl got one with ease just sends me into a spiral.
  • Attempting to get my mortgage paid automagically from my bank into my credit union led to an inane email response from my credit union which was just a cut ’n’ paste from their help screen.
  • My ongoing fight about some doors with transparent “opaque” doors continues with a letter from my credit card company asking for more details. Argh!
  • My car tire has a slow leak that the dealer has “fixed” at least twice.  This morning the tire is nearly flat. I can’t just put air in it; it’s nitrogen.
  • Recently I showed up for an MRI, only to find out I need to prep for it.  No one eve mentioned that fact, but I did get two tests and two emails about Covid safety. Argh!
  • I got a bill for a recent ER visit.  What little that was itemized was for labs.  You know the ones that I asked for copies before I left the ER, was promised, but never received. When I called about the bill, I was referred to another number.  Voice mail!
  • Don’t ask about my gal pal’s ongoing frustration with Optimum.

In short, this snippet is insightful.


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