TINFOILHAT: A ship called the Ever Given has closed the Suez Canal


What will it take to get a giant cargo ship unstuck from the Suez Canal?
Tugboats, excavators, and cranes all may be enlisted to help the Ever Given.

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It might be there a while. It’s not easy to unstick a gigantic shipping vessel, experts say. The Suez Canal Authority, the Egypt-owned body that owns and operates the canal, has not yet said when it expects traffic to resume.

Meanwhile, at least 34 ships carrying 379,000 20-foot containers of stuff couldn’t move through the canal in either direction as of Wednesday afternoon, according to the logistics software company Project44. “It’s a pretty major deal” for global trade, says Henry Byers, a maritime and global trade analyst at the logistics data company FreightWaves.

It’s very unusual—even unheard of—for ships to get wedged in the Suez Canal like this, says Captain Morgan McManus, who is the master of the training ship at State University of New York Maritime College and has traveled through the canal at least half a dozen times. In the rare event that a ship loses power or control in the canal, it gets laid on the sandy bank, where it’s inspected or repaired. In the meantime, other, smaller ships might be able to pass by. 

 BSM, the ship’s technical manager, said Wednesday “strong winds” had pushed the ship perpendicular to the canal’s banks, with the towering stacks of containers on board acting as a giant sail. Official reports outlining the causes of the incident likely won’t be available for weeks, perhaps even a year, but BSM says no one was hurt.

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When I hear “unusual” or “unheard of”, I think “cut bono”.

It would seem that if someone wanted to corner the market on something like the “ginger” it’s carrying, staging an accident like this could lead to the desired result.

Just asking the question.


ECONOMICS: A “wealth tax” is tax on unrealized gains; not “income”


March 25, 2021
The Government Is Considering a Financial Weapon of Mass Destruction
By John Klar

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In seeking to tax unrealized income from hyper-inflated capital assets, AOC, et al. are launching an aggressive, unconstitutional plan to destroy the national economy while growing government limitlessly.  Given her past pronouncements, she likely understands this travesty even less than she comprehends cow farts.

What is terrifying is not that AOC is calling for insane monetary policy and whole new means of tax takings.  What is terrifying is that almost no one is raising the fiscal alarm.

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And, like the income tax, that started by impacting the top per cent, it quickly came down on everybody.

There’s no way that such a tax doesn’t destroy the economy’s “seed corn”.

The rich don’t have a basement full of bucks like Scrooge McDuck in their basement.  It’s spent or invested and EVERYONE benefits.



ADHOC: I’m speechless at this poor man’s plight


Manhattan building part-owned by Barbara Corcoran and A-Rod emptied a tenant’s rent-controlled apartment (apart from his piano and pet tortoise) when he was hospitalized with COVID because ‘everyone assumed he’d died’

  • Japanese native Ryo Nagaoka, 60, has lived in the East Village apartment for more than 20 years 
  • He works in midtown, at a noodle restaurant, and lives alone with his pet tortoise, Kame-san, which in English translates to Mr. Tortoise
  • In January, he was rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious in his apartment by his super 
  • He spent two months in hospital and then an out-patient facility being treated for complications 
  • Nagaoka returned to his apartment on Wednesday and found the locks had been changed 
  • When he eventually got inside,  he found all of his possessions had been thrown out aside from his piano 
  • Someone had rescued his tortoise andeighbors said they assumed he had died because no one had seen or heard from him for so long 
  • Now, a GoFundMe page has raised more than $30,000 for him; Barbara Corcoran donated  $12,000 


PUBLISHED: 16:19 EDT, 26 March 2021 | UPDATED: 18:12 EDT, 26 March 2021

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I foresee some huge lawsuits.