My grandma was a Holocaust survivor — and a secret WWII spy

“He would acquire the information and [Bella] would code,” said Zentelis, adding that the siblings shared a childhood code they likely used, before Bella would then decode the intelligence for the British Legation in Budapest.

My grandma was a Holocaust survivor — and a secret WWII spy

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Now that’s a fascinating tale. I wonder how many more unsung heroes there are?


INTERESTING: The City of Minneapolis settlement may have just denied Fair trial

Payout of $27 Million to Family of George Floyd Could Derail Criminal Case Against Officer Derek Chauvin
By Shipwreckedcrew | Mar 13, 2021 3:30 PM ET

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The injection into this process of a new factual wrinkle that the City of Minneapolis has decided to pay $27 million to George Floyd’s family in connection with what Derek Chauvin is accused to have done, only makes it more likely — in my view — that the final outcome will be that Chauvin cannot receive his Constitutionally mandated “fair trial” in Hennepin County.

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Interesting reading.

Given how racial tensions are heightened, this settlement may have just guaranteed that there will be riots.

Sad to say, there will be no peace if it’s perceived as no justice.

What a mess.

But what do you expect when politicians and bureaucrats are involved.