TECHNOLOGY: The shopping and delivery trend

Streaming, shopping and delivery: Why COVID may have changed our habits forever
The pandemic made subscription services like grocery delivery and streaming part of daily life. We examine what’s changed and what it means for the future.
Shelby Brown  
March 17, 2021 4:00 a.m. PT

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“I’ll likely go out to stores I enjoy browsing in, but I doubt I’ll go back regular grocery shopping. It’s just too convenient,” she said. “At the end of the day, I’ll pay a little more to have it delivered so I can spend some extra time with my daughter at home than spend 2 hours at the grocery store, shopping.”

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Out of a sample size of two young women grocery shoppers, I know one who is NOT going back to the old way of schlepping to the grocery store.

The other is a tactile strap of consciousness lady who wants to see and feel stuff.

But I do think the author has identified a trend.

In my case, I’m lazy and, as a child, my sainted Mother used to drag me to go shopping many Saturdays.  Hence, I HATE it.  So for as much as like the power of Big Tech, I’m a keyboard warrior when it comes to shopping.

No going back for me unless I’m dragged into it.


FUN: Never take your eyes off little kids!

Chinese girl gets stuck in claw machine after climbing inside to claim prizes

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A girl got stuck in a claw machine in northern China after she climbed inside to get her hands of the prizes inside.

The CCTV video, captured in the city of Hohhot in Inner Mongolia on March 14, shows a girl in a black dress climbing into a claw machine through the pickup hole.

After she grabbed a doll, she was trying to climb back out but could not manage it.

Her friend informed their parents and the workers at the arcade game centre were called to the site to open the claw machine door to free the girl.

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Never take your eyes off little kids!

They are amazing.


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