PRODUCTIVITY: Low tech sometimes is better

I learned a long time ago when being a “patient advocate” that MOST times the best way to communicate with the “medicine men” aka modern day doctors was to use the fax machine.  Now I “know” that HIPPA prevents them from using plain old email; some have portals that they can communicate through, but nothing is as easy as a fax machine.  And, for some reason, perhaps because it’s not used a lot by patients, it seems to get special attention.  For example, when I call to get a prescription refill and jump through all the hoops, sometimes I get my refill.  I never get a call back to say that it’s been sent in; some docs actually tell you via recorded message that they ain’t calling you back. Argh!  (It’s like the unmonitored email boxes that email important info but you’re not important enough to take your reply. Argh!)

My fax is $10 per month and works flawlessly.  I get nothing from them other Han good service YMMV.

So just today, I had another opportunity to show myself the value of this low tech solution.  I had to go to the radiology lab again, never mind why my first visit was screwed up, and, on the prior visit they gave me their SEVEN page form to fill out at home.  Being a high tech guy, I scanned it in and did it “online”.  But, I forgot to print out the results. So today, when I arrived at the lab, I asked for their fax number, bridged my computer to my cell phone, and got my fax to send the complete form into the lab.  Problem solved.

So I recommend keeping this particular “arrow” in your quiver!



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