TECHNOLOGY: Big Tech needs to be broken up to preserve “free speech”

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Facebook heads lobby group to push “Big Tech” as essential to free speech narrative
Silicon Valley is gearing up for a fight with regulators and Facebook is taking a leading role in the formation of a new lobbying effort to spin the narrative in Big Tech’s favour. Called “American Edge”, the group which hasn’t launched yet 
“argues that Silicon Valley is essential for the U.S. economy and the future of free speech…The group’s splash page, which went live on Tuesday night, defines the project as: “…a newly formed bipartisan coalition dedicated to the proposition that American innovators are an essential part of the U.S. economic health, national security and individual freedoms.”
Hold that thought….
Youtube deplatforms anti-lockdown epidemiologist and Bitcoin halving ceremony
Over the course of the Coronavirus pandemic the Big Tech platforms have been particularly aggressive in deplatforming any content that does not conform to the “official” narrative.  Youtube defines this in particular as anything that does not reflect WHO or CDC directives. 
So it was no surprise to learn that  Youtube’s latest hit was on controversial epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski, who had a video on Youtube, with over 1.3 million views, criticizing the lockdown and advocating for a herd immunity approach.
But the Bitcoin halving ceremony?  Yes.  YouTube deplatformed Cointelegraph’s live-streaming of the Bitcoin halving ceremony while it was in progress.
“Cointelegraph had a full day of programming lined up for a livestream that covered Bitcoin’s third block halving on May 11. The agenda mostly went off without a hitch — fintech luminaries like Tim Draper, Roger Ver, Meltem Demirors and many more shared their time and opinions with Cointelegraph editorial staff over the course of a livestream that lasted just under seven hours.
But the stream was blocked and deleted six hours and 42 minutes into a nearly finished program, locking more than 2,000 viewers out of our coverage.”
(Yeah, Big Tech is essential to free speech my ass. I can’t believe I’m actually pulling for the DoJ to break all these parasitic quasi-monopolies into a thousand little pieces.)

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Given the hard Left spin of Big Tech, it’s unlikely that anything will happen.

That being said, it’s time to use the corporate tax code to keep all Corporations “small”.

A long time ago, I said that the corporate balance sheets should be limited to 999,999,999.99.

Apply a flat tax on everything over that amount!


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