GOVERNACIDE: Ten Point Plan To Stop Covid-19 in Its Tracks – LewRockwell

1. Focus on the most at-risk groups for mortal outcomes: nursing home residents; African Americans; hospital workers; the very old whose immune systems are not up to par; the very young who have an undeveloped immune system.  Focus on educating nursing home directors, hospital infection control officers, African American community leaders, school nurses.  Don’t rely on top-down instruction from government sources.  Utilize local resources to promote public health, sanitation, and immunity.  Gain the public’s trust via education.  Government offers no drugs or vaccines and was unprepared for this current epidemic, not even having sufficient masks, blood testing or sanitation practices in place.

Source: Ten Point Plan To Stop Covid-19 in Its Tracks – LewRockwell

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It seems like this is at least a plan.  More than I’ve heard from the politicians and bureaucrats!

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