A Vote-by-Mail Nightmare – WSJ

n 27 states, “a voter can designate someone to return their ballot,” says the National Conference of State Legislatures. This practice is often restricted to family members and caregivers, or with rules that cap the number of ballots any single person may return. Not always. “Ballot harvesting” has made news in California, where activists have canvassed neighborhoods collecting votes. The registrar in Orange County reported in 2018 that his office had “people dropping off maybe 100 or 200 ballots.

”Ballot harvesting isn’t widespread, but laws in 13 states are “silent on the issue,” the NCSL says. That includes Wisconsin, where the Elections Commission told voters in March that ballots may be returned by “a family member or another person.” Technically, that covers anybody at the door in a Biden shirt or a Trump hat. Last year when the commission flagged the issue, it said Wisconsin law also doesn’t “clearly prohibit failing or refusing to deliver a marked ballot collected from another voter.”

Source: A Vote-by-Mail Nightmare – WSJ

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Clearly this an invitation to fraud.  (By either “party”!)