VETERANS: Mitchel Square Washington Heights-Inwood War Memorial


Ferdinand J. Reinke:

Thank you for submitting the Mitchel Square Washington Heights-Inwood War Memorial to memorials for our website! Much appreciated.

Once our Judge Advocate has approved it, we will be able to publish it on our website. Thank you.

Julie Campbell
The American Legion

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Hard to believe that there’s no inventory of Veterans’ Memorials.

[TIP ‘o’ the HAT to: Steve T for the lead]

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3 Responses to VETERANS: Mitchel Square Washington Heights-Inwood War Memorial

  1. reinkefj says:

    About as often as we see a “President” send his child to a Gooferment Skrule. Last one was Jimmy Carter, to his credit.

    I say give all the chicken hawk politicians and bureaucrats a gun and let them go fight the “wars” that they vote to send other people’s children to.


  2. reinkefj says:


    Here is a link to a photo of Ms. Whitney standing with the statue in 1922 before it was installed. The indoor black and white is much easier to see than the outdoor version. Al Hetzer, our amateur Heights photographer and historian has found photos of the dedication which are posted on his Facebook site.

  3. Personally, I think it one of the most touching I’ve ever seen. As a very little boy, Mom and I walked to the little park every day in the very late 1940’s and fed the pigeons. I didn’t understand statues but I did understand soldiers. Somehow I had gotten it in my head that three dead soldiers were encased in the statue! Just last week, I discovered that the noted sculptress, Corneilia Vanderbilt Whitney who did this piece, had a daughter. She, became engaged to 20 year old Quentin Roosevelt, Teddy’s youngest son, right before he shipped to France in 1918. Young Quentin died in Air Combat in September. I now wonder if this is why it “speaks” to me more than almost any other statue I’ve seen. I also have to say, having tried, there is, because of sunlight and shadows, almost no way to get a good photograph. It is very, very different when you stand in front and look. If you can catch a picture of the small “models” she did before the big statue was cast you can sense it better.

    A further aside, Teddy Roosevelt, President of the United States sent four (4) of his sons to war. Quentin died. Teddy Jr. and Archie were severely wounded, Kermit suffered from PTSD which left him an alcoholic and eventually a suicide. THE FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES WHO WENT TO WAR HIMSELF SENT FOUR SONS WHOM HE LOVED AS MUCH AS HE LOVED LIFE ITSELF INTO COMBAT. When will we ever see that again?

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