TINFOILHAT: Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich — mugging or coverup?


Did he or didn’t he? Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich ‘had WikiLeaks links’ according to private investigator – but the victim’s family have dismissed the PI’s claims as ‘fake evidence’

  • Seth Rich was gunned down in Washington DC as he walked home from a bar 
  • DC police claimed the DNC data analyst, 27, was killed in a ‘botched robbery’
  • An investigator working for the Rich family claims his death is being covered up
  • Rod Wheeler claims to have evidence Mr Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks 
  • He also believes the authorities have been ordered to drop the investigation 
  • But Rich’s family called that ‘fake evidence’ and said they’d heard nothing
  • They said the claims were just a distraction from finding Rich’s real killers
  • And they complained the PI was only supposed to speak with their authorization

By Jay Akbar For Mailonline and Louise Boyle and James Wilkinson
For Dailymail.com
PUBLISHED: 04:46 EDT, 16 May 2017 | UPDATED: 10:13 EDT, 16 May 2017

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You decide?

I’m just asking the question.

And, if there is a cover up, then who’s behind it?


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