NOTRECOMMENDED: LIMA, a personal cloud server and service

This does NOT live up to the hype. I read the articles, some from reputable tech journals, and bought in.

After trying to install it, and could not, I find out there are all sorts of problems.

* Doesn’t work with CHROMEBOOKS (No one mentioned that.)

* Doesn’t support shared Users on a computer.

* Doesn’t install easily

And there support site has many pages of questions form Users globally.

I was looking for a POGOPLUG replacement and I think I’ve bought a pig.

More to follow.

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POLITICAL: A “Mother’s Day” blog post remembered

RANT: Mother’s Day; Mothers, globally, end all wars now

Sunday, May 8, 2011

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Not very nice. But then neither are all these Mothers’ sons and daughters dying for the whims of politicians and bureaucrats!

What better way to celebrate Mothers’ Day?

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Here’s a re-cycled post that STILL makes me crazy.

Why can’t we have peace?

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