POLITICAL: Why aren’t anti ‘Airbnb’ Ordinances a “taking” under the Fifth Amendment?


Toms River ‘Airbnb’ Ordinance Revised for Barrier Island Neighborhoods
By Daniel Nee –  May 11, 2017 

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An ordinance aimed at preventing short-term home rentals such as those booked on the website ‘Airbnb’ was tweaked this week to exclude barrier island neighborhoods from the regulations, which essentially ban short-term rentals. But one mainland resident said that it is not fair to those who live on lagoons on the west side of the bay, which also could be attractive for vacationers.

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Why isn’t this a “taking” under the Fifth Amendment?

Whose property is it?

And unless you live there full-time, you don’t get to vote for these tyrants. “No taxation without representation” is another joke!


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