GOVERNACIDE: Reflecting on the USA foreign policy from 1900 on

The supposed positive outcomes of WW2 are vastly overrated. 
By Perry Willis

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To understand whether there was any positive value in U.S. wars and interventions we’ve thus far covered…

  • Were early U.S. wars good or bad?
  • Did Teddy Roosevelt co-found the Japanese empire?
  • Did U.S. politicians choose the more evil side in World War 1?
  • How U.S. politicians helped create the Soviet Union
  • How blundering U.S. politicians enabled the rise of Nazi Germany
  • How U.S. intervention in WW1 fostered the rise of radical Islam

Now comes the most important and controversial article in the series… 

Was World War 2 a “good war?”

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It’s takes a Gooferment to kill a lot of people.

Compare the USA to Switzerland and you see the difference between peace and war.

Death and destruction all over the globe.

Let’s bring all the girls and boys home now! 

“We”, as humans, have already paid to high a price.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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