VOCABULARY: The word “internet”?


Joseph DePaola
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Should the word ‘internet’ be spelled with– a small ‘i’ (internet) or a capital ‘I’ (Internet)…?Internet Exceptionalism or Not– internet (small ‘i’) vs. Internet (Capital ‘I’): To Capitalize or Not… Who Decides? 

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I just spell it “inet”. But then I spell “yesterday” as “yday”. Us fat old white guy injineers ain’t so good on spelling anyway.

Now when it comes to “intranet” (i.e., implying a bounded internet within an organization), unless it is air gapped with private address that are non-routable1, one must assume that they will “leak”. Hence, if you mean “intranet”, spell it out and footnote how you ensure it does NOT leak.

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The private address segments ( –, –, – are commonly referred to as “non-routable” addresses.

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