GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Time to shut down the FBI?

Why the FBI Has Always Been a Political Tool of Suppression
The Daily Bell
May 15, 2017

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There is a dangerous myth that permeates the political arena that government agencies and bureaucrats can somehow be non-political and independent.

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Politico’s article could be summed up like this:

The FBI has long been an enemy of the citizens of the United States and abused their authority by suppressing dissent and intimidating political opposition to the government. But now, the FBI risks becoming the exclusive tool of one political party, at which point others in government and politics may be targeted! Can’t we all agree that the proper target of the FBI is the peasantry and not the political classes?

The FBI has always been political, and always will be. Trump’s choice will not be inherently better or worse for the American people than picking someone who is not a politician. But Trump’s choice will be pretty scary for those in the government on the left.

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I doubt that any entity in the Gooferment, at any level, is “non-political”.

That’s why we’d best be served by not having such entities to exist at all. 

Sure MAYBE the FBI, thinking back to the Jimmie Stewart FBI movie, catches spies, bank robbers, and serial killers. But how much damage can one serial killer do? 100 people, maybe. How many has the Gooferment killed and ruined how many lives? 

As someone, unlikely to be “targeted” by the Gooferment, I’m afraid for my crazy little L libertarians, the whistleblowers, and just plain old good folk who run afoul of some diktat or “regulation”.

Time to tear down these power centers.

Plus, nowadays an admittedly minor afterthought, where in the Constitution does the Federal Gooferment get to have an FBI, CIA, BATFE, TSA, etc. etc. etc. ????????

Just asking?

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