GUNS: “Miss Sloane” is a loser; good

Miss Sloane: America Votes “NO” Once Again

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“You can’t win them all,” as the old saying goes, but when it comes to the Second Amendment, gun control advocates can’t even come close. Such is clearly the case with Miss Sloane, the latest of Hollywood’s repeated attempts to push a gun control narrative on the American people. Of course, they didn’t see this coming, any more than they saw a Donald Trump victory coming. But that’s because they refuse to acknowledge the basic simple truth about the American people when it comes to our firearms freedom. Well, we’ll say it again, the American people aren’t buying your anti-gun narrative.

Miss Sloane features Jessica Chastain as a Washington lobbyist who takes on “the establishment” to push for passage of gun control in the U.S. Congress. As reported by Stephen Gutowski at, the “political thriller” opened last weekend to much buzz and fanfare among gun control groups, but tanked completely at the box office, making one industry list of the worst openings of the past 35 years for a movie with a national release.

Incredibly, Gutowski reports that a representative of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence actually said, “… I can tell you that its production alone, with our input, is the success.” In other words, it is of little consequence that nobody wants to see a movie that pushes for gun control, its mere existence is what matters.

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Anyone need more evidence that Hollywood is both “on a different planet” and out of touch with its Customers.

The nation has decided that the NRA is correct — “when seconds count, the police are minutes away”, “we’re all the first responders”, and “Victim disarmament is the view that it is somehow better to see a woman raped in an alley and strangled with her own pantyhose, than see her with a gun in her hand.” — T.D. Melrose

Gun control is a racist legacy of the KKK in the Deep South. Can’t terrorize minorities when they can shoot back.

Robert A. Heinlein said it best. “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”

Varmints of both the two legged and four legged varieties need to be put down quickly and efficiently. Nothing like a nice Colt 45 1911 for that purpose. Only in the movies, do bad guys survive that. Although, in a good hand, any caliber will do. Heck, sometime just “racking” a shotgun will do the trick.

Like I recently told a young lady  I know: “No one wants to be down range of a crazy woman with a gun.”

Dona Nobis Pacem

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