2 thoughts on “A Gingrich Commission on Government

  1. I’m not sure of all those facts. Nor do I want to do a lot of research. He, and Paul Ryan, have advanced some good ideas to “drain”. I’d like to see him “action” some or all of them.

    You seem to think that I think the R’s are somehow paragons of virtue. Everyone has their flaws. I’ll take shrinkage from whomever can do it.

    I’m not sure that Reagan left an “exponentially bigger” Gooferment. Even he admitted that he wasn’t able to accomplish his third objective of shrinking the Gooferment and the debt. But he did his other two — restart the economy and defeat the Russian bear.

  2. The ultimate insider draining the swamp. A guy run out by his own caucus due to multiple ethical violations. He’s been desperate to get to D.C. Since being shown the door, so I guess this one way to get back in. Here’s the thing- all these people who Trump is appointing Secretary of X agency become very protective of their agency and legacy which is why government shrinking doesn’t happen at the level neoconservatives want. It’s not hard to downsize- Clinton have you the model. But when Congress continually spends more money than they take in government gets bigger and more unwieldy. Take a look at conservative hero Ronald Reagan. He created a government that was exponentially bigger than what he inherited.


    Scott Silvay

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