VETERANS: The Commander In Chief should be vetted if we have “boots” getting killed or maimed


Release the Records: Ben Carson vs. Barack Obama, College Edition
Nov. 9, 2015 7:34am
Wayne Root

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The mainstream media just opened the door for conservatives to demand President Barack Obama release his Columbia University records immediately. How nice of them! Thank you!

The media decided to investigate Dr. Ben Carson’s claims about getting a scholarship offer from West Point. They say Dr. Carson made a “false claim.”

Did he?

I don’t know. It’s muddled and debatable, although clear that one of the world’s most prominent brain surgeons certainly doesn’t need to exaggerate any claims about his education. Dr. Carson claimed he was “offered” a scholarship by a well-known Army general if he applied to West Point. He wanted to be a doctor and chose not to. Was it an actual scholarship offer, or just a casual conversation? Politicians exaggerate or remember things to their benefit all the time. But his claim, however interpreted, didn’t cost taxpayers a dime.

The same can’t be said of Obama’s whoppers. Obama’s lies about Obamacare alone have cost American taxpayers millions, even billions in higher premiums and medical costs. Like millions of others, I lost my insurance based on Obama’s lies, and now I’m paying far more and getting far less. Obama promised the world and delivered disaster.

Now THAT’S a significant lie.

Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obamacare, even admitted fraud was committed to fool the “dumb voters.”

But, let’s compare apples to apples. The media is going after Dr. Carson for supposedly making false claims about his college record. So isn’t this the perfect time to demand fair, unbiased and equal treatment of Obama’s college record? As any good trial lawyer would say, “The media opened the door to this one.” If you can investigate Dr. Carson, then you must investigate Obama’s claims about college as well.

Apples to apples. The media is trying to disqualify Dr. Carson’s right to the presidency based on his college records. Why did they never check Obama’s college records? Why are Obama’s Columbia records STILL sealed seven years into his presidency?

The media anxiously called West Point demanding to verify Dr. Carson’s claims, but never called Columbia to verify Obama’s claims. Why? If claims about college from 30 or 40 years ago are important for Dr. Carson, why not Obama?

Did Obama make false claims about his college experience? No one can prove it (yet) because his college records are sealed. Why? What is he hiding? If it matters for Carson, it should even more for a man already sitting in the White House with his fingers on the economy and the nuclear button.

It’s time to DEMAND that Obama release his Columbia college records.

*** end quote ***

I am shocked that this has never been exposed before.

We know why.

BHO44 is crazy radical leftist democrat. So no vetting was required.

See my rants on war, and you’ll know why I want the “Nobel Peace Prize winner” to be vetted BEFORE he gets girls and boys maimed and killed.

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