LIBERTY: A libertarian view of when to go to war

Jason Stapleton

US blows 43M$ on a gas station
at a little past the 2 minute mark

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Speaking about this Afgan thing, I made a comment the other day something to the effect that if you have to go to war … … … and I explained what an ugly business war is … … how violent it is, how innocent people wind up getting killed, we should never ever ever ever go to war unless our liberty is directly threatened, unless the risk to our way of life exists. And, I use that as the standard to go. The liberty within our shores. What I advocate on this show is a defensive posture. A defensive military. A miltary that defends our borders much the way that Japan had for many years after World War 2. … … But if you have to fight, if Liberty is directly threatened, well then there are no holds barred. If we are going to go out and we know where the enemy is, then we bomb the city and then we bomb it again and rearrange the pieces because we understand that we will lose the greatest gift that God has given us if we don’t stand up and fight.”

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This is the best description of my feelings on “war”. As a little L libertarian, a porcupine, a Free State Project mover, this is what I want the “Department of Defense” to be.

Sorry but we never needed “Homeland Security” if the “Department of Defense” was doing its job.


The Zero Aggression Principle doesn’t mean you don’t fight. It means you never start one. But if you get into one then you just win.


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