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NY Mets manager takes blame for end of World Series title dream
AFP By Jim Slater
7 hours ago

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New York (AFP) – New York Mets manager Terry Collins blamed himself for his team squandering a late lead for the second time in as many nights Sunday in losing the World Series to Kansas City.

Collins took the blame for leaving starting pitcher Matt Harvey on the mound into the ninth inning after he kept the Royals scoreless for eight innings and scattered only four hits as the Mets led 2-0.

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First, congrats to KC they were clearly the better team. 

That being said, the Mets coach, as the “leader” of the underdog team, has to figure out a way to “steal” it.

Better “leadership” might have enabled the Mets to do just that.

In Game 5, inept “leadership” by BOTH the “leaders” and the “followers”. Obviously, the pitcher didn’t trust the coach’s judgment on his capabilities at that moment.

Were the seeds of this sown in the loss the night before in game 4?

I saw some key turning points:

  •  Matt, making just his ninth career MLB start, was great over five innings, allowing just two runs on seven hits was allowed to bat in the seventh inning — the coach should have pinch hit for him and possible get something out of that inning like an insurance run. (I was shocked when he didn’t. Thought that was obvious from the pitch count and the situation.)
  • Mets reliever Tyler Clipart walked Ben Zobrist and Lorenzo Cain with one out in the top of the eighth — the coach should have pulled him after the first (I think) six pitch walk!
  • Daniel Murphy’s attempt to make a play on that slow rolling ground ball was all ego. Give the hitter his due, it was a “seeing eye single”. Make the routine stop and “eat the ball”. It’d have been men on first and second two out. Instead of the hero; he become the

Based on the first two coaching “mistakes”, I understand the lack of confidence.

What do you think Billy Martin, Joe Torre, John Wooden, Bobbie Knight would have said? Maybe “shit down and shut up” with some profanity. Laugh!

Bottom line: But the Mets’ coaching, team trust in the coach, and certain player’s play wasn’t up to “stealing” the Series.

I think this is an “teaching moment” for all “leaders” and “followers”. Part of being a great “leader” is the ability to put aside your own memes and paradigms and “play your position”. Sometimes you have to “follow”.


Remember the adages: “Lessons will be repeated until the student learns” and “You don’t have to pay tuition at every school; you’re allowed to learn from the mistakes of others”.

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