GUNS: What are the four charges for an antique gun

Maryland student who prompted closure of campus found dead
Published November 22, 2015

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Marberger had been wanted on four charges after authorities said he displayed an antique gun at his fraternity house last month. Phi Delta Theta fraternity kicked him out last week and last Sunday he resigned his position as speaker of the senate in the college’s student government.

Chestertown Police Chief Adrian Baker told WTTG he was scheduled to have a hearing based on the school’s honor code. Baker told the Fox affiliate Marberger didn’t make any threats against the school or students. It closed proactively.

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What were those charges?

Did he threaten someone with the “antique gun”?

In this age of PC, did the school drive him out because he dared to exercise his RKBA?

The story doesn’t give those essential details. And, Google doesn’t show any better source.


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