VETERANS: Don’t “thank me for my service”; do bring the troops home


As a stateside vet from 1970-1973 during the Viet Nam ‘war”, I am keenly aware of all the KIAs, MIAs, the maimed, and those forever changed vets. I think that the way society treats them — dusts them off for Veterans Day and then puts their problems out of sight and mind back in the closet until next year — is hypocritical.

When the “Wounded Warriors” charity has to advertise to help them, that’s a symptom of the problem. When we let politicians and bureaucrats — of both parties — send the future vets to war without a vote, that’s a symptom of the problem. When the politicians are too busy to ‘welcome’ every returning vet and ‘bury’ every body coming home, that’s a symptom of the problem.

So please don’t “thank me for my service”, in the grand scheme of things, my sacrifice was so modest compared to the others, it’s not worth mentioning. Instead use that effort to solve some of the problems. Most notably, demand that the politicians and bureaucrats bring the girls and boys home immediately like Ron Paul suggested in the last two Presidential campaigns.

On Wall Street, there’s an old maxim that so true and applies here. “When in a hole, stop digging!” You want to honor all the Vets, stop making new ones. We should not be sending girls and boys to fight unless the Congress votes an old fashioned declaration of war because our liberty is the threatened and we have no choice.

Dona Nobis Pacem!

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