INTERESTING: A more universal power that animates everything

The Moral Code We All Forget to Follow
Dr. Steven Farmer
August 3, 2013
3:50 pm

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I tuned into a radio station where a very enthusiastic preacher was giving his sermon. As I noted in my book Sacred Ceremony, I’d learned to appreciate all the different ways we humans try to reach God, no matter the face and clothing of any particular religion or spiritual practice. It all comes down to different ways we try to get or remain in touch with Great Spirit, Source, Creator, All-That-Is, or whatever term you want to apply here. It’s still God. Maybe not in the sense of a really big guy with a long white beard watching for you to make the wrong moves, but a more universal power that animates everything in the heavens and on Earth.

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As a fat old white guy injineer, I was always moved but the “watchmaker” argument about the existence of God. Then, I played roulette for a while and thought about random number. When my head hurt, I filed the whole topic under: “Stuff I don’t understand”.

I read something that said human beings are unique in that they can understand “death” and yet go on their daily business ignoring it. As well as, whole parts of their conflicted understanding. Sort of like modern day crazy people. 

I have trouble when “life” smacks you in the face and you can’t ignore the loss of a loved one. Or just go on pretending.

Haven’t figured that out either.

That “Stuff I don’t understand” folder is getting bigger every day!

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One thought on “INTERESTING: A more universal power that animates everything

  1. All of the answers are contained in the Bible, however, some things are purposely left to ‘faith’ (to paraphrase, blessed are those who believe without seeing). Regarding death, we brought it upon ourselves with our sin…so we do have to deal with it. However, as a Christian, death is only a passing on to a new eternal life with God. Think on that…it is a comfort to know that one day we will see God face to face, and can be joined with our loved ones who went before us.

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