I have challenge a friends daughter in law to a donation to the Autism charity of her choice if she’ll dye her hair blue. TO add a little zest, I’ve offered to dye mine blue if there’s a 500$ donation.

As Doctor Zia said: “No partial credit”; the price is 500$ in sum.


RANT: Rewriting history?

Elite Eight Basketball Player Snaps Leg in Game — See Pictures of the Pain, Teammates’ Emotion
Mar. 31, 2013 6:39pm Liz Klimas

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Sports Nation reporter Roger Sherman described the injury as looking as “horrible as soon as it happened — we’re gonna go ahead and not show it to you; it’s really not the type of injury that’s typical in a basketball game — but I think you can pretty much gauge how bad it was from the reactions of his teammates and coach Rick Pitino.”

Teammates fell on the court, wiping their eyes in emotion seeing Ware’s state. Duke players too were filled with compassion toward their opponent.

Here is footage of the scene (Note: it might be consider graphic to some):

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“No longer viewable due to a copyright claim by CBS”

So history is no longer the province of the People.

Want more proof that the Media manipulates the news?

Anyone want to claim that this is not “news” and in the public interest?

Hope the man recovers as promised, but I still object to the manipulation of history.

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ECONOMICS: “Mattresses” money?

It’s head for “the mattresses” time for savers worldwide
Posted by Deviant Investor on March 28th, 2013

Guest Post from Liberty Gold and Silver

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Well, there is another turf war going on, a worldwide one, one that threatens the entire economic and political landscape of the planet. It is between all the hard working savers on the planet and the ever greedy criminal bankers and their cohorts in government. The real big canary singing out an extreme danger warning to all traditional savers who wish to entrust their wealth to banks and other paper vehicles – stocks, bonds, etc., is the incredible emergency banking shutdown in the tiny island nation of Cyprus. Granted, Cyprus represents only .02% of the population of the European Union. Yet what is occurring there is the harbinger of great risk to traditional savers on every continent; and equally important, there are many more scary danger signs raising their ugly heads as well.

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Of course, Sheeple, it can’t happen here.

Why not?

Do you think that our politicians and bureaucrats are more “trustworthy” than theirs?

I keep looking back to the unfunded liabilities that the politicians have created in our names and the IRA/401k savings balances. 

I’m sure that they are looking at the fact that they only have to strong arm about 3k “custodians” and it’s all theirs.

And what are the Sheeple and Clovers going to do about it?

When they are putting people in the camps, it’ll be too late.

Can’t happen here?

Talk to the Japanese Americans, the American Indians, the follower of David Koresh!

In a heartbeat.


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