POLITICAL: “Hanoi Jane”


Jane Fonda: I’ll Take Vietnam Photo Op Mistake ‘To My Grave’
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by Breitbart News 4 Apr 2013 post a comment View Discussion
Jane Fonda has already apologized for posing with members of the Viet Cong, an act that permanently stained her among many Americans as “Hanoi Jane.”

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“There were no planes, the gun was not operable. It didn’t matter. This is an image that belied everything that I was,” Fonda said.

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Sorry, but even before this she was a vocal well-know “anti-war” activist.

I put that in quotes because like some many other “anti-war” activists, we see that they are not “anti-war” when the right party is in control. 


A lot of people have been forever changed by this whole episode in history.

She should have the courtesy of just going quietly into that good night.

At the Final Judgment, everyone will have to answer for their sins.

As sinner, I don’t envy that process for anyone. I hope that I’m more consistent and honest than she’s been. 

Like the old joke, “I don’t’ have to outrun the bear; just you!”